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Eating the Real Majorca

A new fine-dining experience in a highly tasteful surrounding reconnects with the traditions and heritage of the island.

Castell Son Claret is the epitome of splendid isolation in Mallorca, in this hotel you can block out the world in highly tasteful surrounding. But lately more and more fine-diners drive up the chic avenue of the castle in the evenings. They are curious about a new restaurant where a surprisingly young chef transforms the traditions and heritage of Majorca into a seven to nine courses gourmet experience.

Sa Clastra is named after the traditional central patio at the heart of Spanish castles. Diners sit between the ancient stone of the castle walls that are illuminated by soft lights or in an indoor dining room with understated elegance and small windows to the kitchen.

With his dining experience, chef Jordi Cantó, who was born in Palma 33 years ago and learned at different Michelin-starred restaurants, is reconnecting to the traditions and heritage of the island: Of course he works with local ingredients like lamb reared in the pastures close to the hotel, oranges from Sóller in the north, cuttlefish from Port d’Andratx, lemons from Castell Son Claret’s own estate or apricots from the village of Porreres. But furthermore Chef Cantó transforms – and that is the really special thing about it – traditional dishes from Majorca into small, very-good-looking gourmet courses. We had for example pickled cordoniz (pickled quail’s egg), especially good lamb ensaimada (a typical Mallorca puff pastry circle), variat including veal tongue (a typical tapas dish served as a snack in many bars) and ray (with tomatoes and roasted paprika).

An extraordinary tribute to the culinary heritage of Majorca that you will definitely get nowhere else on the island.

Sa Clastra at Castell Son Claret
Carretera Es Capdellà, km 1.7
07196 Es Capdellà, Calvià, Mallorca
+34 971 138 629