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Still the elite’s favourite

Is Club 55 as good as its famous name?
Basically yes. Club 55 is one of the most exclusive beach clubs in the world; simple and glamorous at the same time, this little house with its wooden tables is still by far the elite’s favourite – unchanged by time. During the summer, Hollywood stars, Rolls Royces in the dusty parking lot and enormous yachts are everyday business here. Glamour does not even have to be staged here, it is simply part of the scenery – and together with the beautiful views and the simple, tasteful design it blends into a magical atmosphere.

But you have to distinguish a little bit between the restaurant …
Lunch at Club 55 is wonderful: you feel elegantly hidden from the bustling beaches, yet it feels like the very centre of St. Tropez. The dishes are simple but first-rate quality (especially the fish), accompanied by rosé wine.

… and the beach …
It is still a place for a laid-back day on the beach of St. Tropez. But during the high season it is very crowded and in some areas the beach beds are too close to each other.

Can I come without a reservation?
Make sure you plan a visit in advance, as Club 55 is often booked out days in advance during the high season.

Le Club 55
43, Boulevard Patch
83350 Ramatuelle
+33 4 94 55 55 55