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The most spectacular summer spot anywhere is glamorous Saint Tropez. There is a certain enchantment about the place; and while its charm doesn't touch everyone, others fall in love with it instantly and return to Saint Tropez every summer. We definitely love it. The combination of sea, beaches and urban diversity is magical – it is very hard to find anything like it in the whole world, but certainly nowhere is it as magnificent as in Saint Tropez.

In this village, with only 6,000 permanent residents, there are more in-restaurants and hip hotels than in many major cities. There is also an absolutely unique beach club scene as well as top night clubs; amongst them what we consider is one of the best clubs in the world. Each summer Saint Tropez turns into the epicentre of glamour, a hotspot for the rich and famous as much as grand cities like London or Paris. And the reason for St. Tropez's success – the lovely surroundings without architectural aberrations and the charming village character – have remained largely unchanged. It is this combination which is so inimitable. Because of the enormous popularity of Saint Tropez, it is frequently accused of being too loud and vulgar. But you simply have to know when, how and where to go.